Add some sparkle to a basic black mani with this fun Glitter Polka Dot look.

  • Step 1: Paint 2 coats of Liquid Vinyl onto the nail.
  • Step 2: Once the Liquid Vinyl has dried completely, dip the large end of the Dotter Duo Tool into the 24K Glitter. Create 2 rows of dots that mimic the pattern in the image.
  • Step 3: Create one row of dots using the Platinum Glitter in between the rows of the 24K Glitter dots.
  • Step 4: Once the dots have dried completely, finish by applying Magnifique Top Coat.
  • TIP: It helps if you dab the glitter polish onto a paper and then dip the Dotter Duo into the formula on the paper. This is the easiest way to control how much product you are getting onto the Dotter Duo Tool.