We’ve mashed up our nails with this hyper-bright marble using shades from our Mash Up collection.

  • Step 1: Beginning at the cuticle, paint a diagonal stripe using the shade Mayhem Mentality down the center of the nail finishing the line at the nail tip.
  • Step 2: Paint a diagonal stripe of the shade Beautiful Disaster above and below your stripe of Mayhem Mentality.
  • Step 3: Using the small end of the dotter duo tool, begin to marble the shades together through the stripe of Mayhem Mentality until you have achieved the marble design you love. You can either do small circles or squiggle motions with the tool to achieve the effect. The more your move the tool, the more the color will swirl together.

TIP: Make sure to do one nail at a time as the lacquer has to be wet to achieve the best marbling effect. Also make sure the nail is covered fully with both shades to avoid any sheer spots in your design. Each nail will have a different effect so don’t worry about making them perfect. Rocking opposites and mashing up the design is exactly what you are supposed to do with this collection.